A little about us.

Learn more about our journey and goals.

Our passionated story.

Since we began our journey in July 15th, we’ve been recognized as our the most passionated VTC. This can be approved by what we’ve done to our company from creating our exclusive paintjob, custom driver hub or even making it to get the verification status on TruckersMP. All of these things can’t be done without the help of our professional and passionated staff and drivers united from many countries around the globe.

Our important misson.

In MD LOGISTICS, We create the enviroment to bring the real feeling of modern-day Logistics companies for our drivers. Also, bringing a big step-forward to bring it into a real-life company and make our dream become true. We are one of the first recognized VTC that target to bring it into a real thing, not simply a VTC. During many months in the industry, we always improves to adapt to the situation but still keep and improve the quality of our company.

Our amazing leader.

The lead management of our virtual trucking company who have built our company ever since it was established.

Toastee - Minh DUY

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The person who handle most of the responsibility in our VTC.


Chief Administrator Officer

The person who handle the administration work in our VTC.


Chief Operation & Technology Officer

The person who handle the operation and technology work in our VTC.

Our division.

The unique & impressive system of MD LOGISTICS that allow you to deliver any type of goods you like such as agricultural goods, industrial & construction equidment, fresh goods & intermodal cargo. All of these deliver to your destination.

Refrigerated Division

Exclusive division for refrigerated trailers. They are suitable for temperature sensitive products, such as food, drink or pharmaceuticals products.

Heavy Haul Division

Exclusive division for the heavy hauls (special transport, heavy cargos etc…). Cargo that requires high-level skill and special equidment that’s capable to be handled.

Flatbed Division

Exclusive division for flatbed trailers. They are mainly used for transporting heavy, oversized, wide and indelicate goods such as machinery, building supplies or equipment.

Hazmat Division

Exclusive division for hazmat freight and trailers. Hazmat traileres are used to transport Explosives, Poisons, Gases, Radioactive Materials, Corrosive Materials and more…

Intermodal Division

Exclusive division for container trailers. They are used by truckers to deliver containers between ports, railyards, container depots, and shipper facilities.

Agricultural Division

Exclusive divsion for agricultural goods such as grains, cereals, logs, farm equidment and other agriculture-related facilities. Also, this division has connect to our own agriculture company.

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