Keep Moving, Keep Growing

Who are we?

We are MD LOGISTICS, A fully experienced verified Virtual Trucking Company. Starting from scratch, we’ve developed and become one of the most independent & friendliest VTC out there. Throughout many struggles & challenges, we still continune our goal is to improve everyday and give our drivers the best experience.

What's our value?

With a year of experience, we bring our driver one of the best value ever from creating our exclusive mods, custom driver hub and tracker as well as events that’s diverse, enjoyable and frequent. These are the things that help us like who we are today as long as we’re still having a great stand in this community.

What do we offer?

Friendly & Open-minded

In our community, we always maintain the friendly, safe and positive environment because we all know that you’re always looking for a virtual trucking company that’s welcoming and positive.

Custom Technology

We also bring you in-game modifications to increase the realistic feeling in our company. Not only that, we also use custom driver hub to count every single mile of your trip.

Frequent Activity

In here, we give you a wide diversity of activities such our weekly public convoy and monthly convoy. Apart from that, we bring you the chance to be the part of our monthly picture contest and employees of the month program.

Constantly Growing

With our amazing policies, we’ve grown from a small VTC with few people to a VTC that has over 80 drivers and keep growing bigger everyday.

How about your experience?

With everything that we’ve offered for you. We all want to give our driver the most amazing and realistics experience when you’re out of the road so you can feel the value of a VTC.

What do people say about us?

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